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5W/10W Cordless Cell Phone Charging Mouse Pad

5W/10W Cordless Cell Phone Charging Mouse Pad


5W/10W Cordless Cell Phone Charging Mouse Pad

                                                                       5W/10W Cordless Cell Phone Charging Mouse Pad 

                                                                        Model: LMH-MP

Compatible:iPhone8,X,8Plus,Samsung Note5/S6 edge+/S7/S7 edge/Note7,Nokia Lumia 920,LG Nexus 6/5/4/7,and other Qi-enabled Smart Phones.

cordless cell phone charging pad

Wireless Charger Mouse Pad Features:

1. Three wireless charging modes:

10W fast wireless charging Samsung Note5/S6edge+/S7/S7 edge/Note7

7.5W for iphone8,8Plus,iphonex

5W for other Qi-enabled smartphones

40% faster than others,reducing 50 minutes!

2. Nature Wooden, PU+ High quality IC chip

3. Use 5V charger for normal charging mode,quick charging mode requires QC 2.0 or 3.0 USB.

4. Over-current ,Over-voltage, Over-temperature Short-circuit protection

5. Compatible for all smartphones which support wireless charging

mobile cordless charger

Cordless Cell Phone Charging Mouse Pad Specifications:

Product Standard:Qi


Output:DC5V/1000mA , DC12V/1500mA

Working Frequency: 100-150KHZ

Color: Custom made

Product Size: 7*220*300mm

Product weight:42.5g

Package Size: 47X37X27cm

Weight: 10KG/Carton
                     mobile cordless charger 
                        cordless charging mat  
                                     cableless phone charger


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