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Buy 15W mobile phone wireless charger charging pad for samsung galaxy

Buy 15W mobile phone wireless charger charging pad for samsung galaxy


Buy 15W mobile phone wireless charger charging pad for samsung galaxy

                                                Buy 15W mobile phone wireless charger charging pad for samsung galaxy


Compatible:iPhone8,X,8Plus,Samsung Note5/S6 edge+/S7/S7 edge/Note7,
Nokia Lumia 920,LG Nexus 6/5/4/7,and other Qi-enabled Smart Phones.

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15W mobile phone wireless charger charging pad Specification

15W Constant Power Wireless Fast Charging 
Product Model LMH-W0018
Material Zinc Alloy & Tempered Glass
Charging Program Apple official recommended fixed tone voltage
Wireless Charging Standad Qi WPC1.2.4 Compatible for All fast Charging
Input Power 15W Constant power(iPhone, Samsung, depends on Cell phone whether receive 7.5W/10W)
Adapter  9V/2A  12V/1.5A Fast Charging Adapter
Input Voltage 9V/12V
Power interface Type-c
Maximum Output Power 22W (The conversion efficiency and the input power caused by the contact area of the coil are reduced. In order to ensure a constant power input of 15W, wireless charging will automatically adjust the output power to a maximum of 22W. If it exceeds 22W, wireless charging will automatically shut down to protects the security of phone)
Charging efficiency 83.70%
Stand-by Current <30mA
Charging Distance 3-8mm
Charging Area 85.00%
Certificates  FCC/CE/ROHS
Coil type 1 PCS A11 Single coil
Protective Function Over-Current, over-Voltage, over-Temperature, short-circuit

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15W Wireless Charger and 10W Wireless Charger

Item 15W Wireless Charger 10W Wireless Charger
Receiver power(cell phone)  Wireless transmitter 15W constant power output, charging according to the maximum acceptable power of mobile phone 6W~10W
Power Change 15W increases the power according to be required by the mobile phone  10W changes into 5W,7W or 9W suddenly
Compatible 15w Wireless charger compatible all cell phones which with the fast Charging function 10W only fast charging iPhone and Samsung, others are slow charging 
Program Apple's official recommended program, constant frequency regulator No Official program

Constant frequency regulator efficiency 83% 10w Constant frequency regulation duty cycle efficiency 75%
Compatible 15w Fixed-frequency voltage regulator to solve all wireless fast charging mobile phone,iPhone,Samsung,Huawei oppo 10w only compatible fast Charging Samsung and iPhone,all others are slow charging

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