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New Promotional Wireless Chargers LMH-PW013
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Glad to share a good news that LMH launched a new wireless charger LMH-PW013. The exceptional design and useful features make this product an exciting market for your business.

 wireless charger for smart phones

Wireless Chargers LMH-PW013

Why not try these new promotional wireless chargers? They are different from previous smartphone chargers we have featured before.

wireless phone charger

Promotional Wireless Charger Features & Benefits

Compatibility: This innovative wireless charger device is compatible with any Qi-enabled devices such as iPhone X, iPhone 10, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus.

Efficiency:  This wireless charger device with high power efficiency,40% fast than other wireless charger, can save at least 50 mins, can charge multiple devices at once. It has 4ports for wire charger. Wireless charging for cell phone and IWATCH.

Convenient Design: The  wireless charger are designed different ways charging. With 6 charging ports, users do not have to wait until the first device is fully charged to replenish their battery power.

iphone wireless charging

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